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Piano Lessons

Throughout the years, instruction on piano is the most popular of all our instruments. The piano is an excellent means on which to form a basis for musical instruction for other instruments later on. With knowledge of piano, one can learn rudimentary basics of music as well as other skills such as harmony, rhythm, phrasing and tone coloring.
Those without pianos can begin to learn music on most electronic keyboards, if owning a keyboard is more desirable to the student.

Guitar Lessons

We offer guitar instruction on either acoustic or electric guitar. Whether you have always wanted to sit down and learn to strum a few chords, or you have dreams of joining a rock band, our teachers will put you in the right direction of fulfilling your goals.

Wind & Brass Music Lessons

  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone
  • Trumpet

Musician who play wind or brass instruments may become in demand to play in marching bands or concert bands, orchestras or wind ensembles. Any student who has seen a wind player perform might be impressed at the beautiful sound of a flute, the mellow sound of a clarinet, or the jazz improvisation on a saxophone.

If these are your goals, now is the time to start learning music.

Percussion & Drum Lessons

  • Drums Lessons
  • Various Percussion Instruments

Choose to learn the instrument of your desire to play as a soloist or with a chamber group, orchestra or band. The possibilities are endless.

Please call 301-989-9174 or 703-385-8229 to inquire on availability and to arrange music lessons or fill in the form below. Some instruments may not be available in some geographic locations.
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