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Piano Tuning

We tune and service pianos in the greater Metropolitan Washington DC area:
Travelling Teachers prides itself in having its own piano technician to tune and service the pianos of our students as well as those belonging to non-students. David Charney, piano technician for 32 years, has serviced many homes, schools, churches and embassies. Considering that lessons are given in the home, having a functioning and good-sounding piano is a necessity.

If it has been over a year since your piano was last tuned and serviced, or if your piano has been moved, please consider having your piano tuned.

For more details visit Harmonia Piano Tuning and Piano Repair.
"As a musician and pianist, my goal is to provide my clients' pianos the best service possible so that my clients will appreciate the full potential of sound that their instrument can produce." - David Charney, technician


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