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Tales from Genesis

Genesis experienced three periods in its development, which are well traced in their texts. My favorite of them is the second, which lasted four years between the departure of Peter Gabriel and the aging of Phil Collins into an influential figure in the creative process of the group. Gabriel wrote verbose, mythological lyrics, diversified, but similar in its complexity. With all my love for The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, I cannot boast that I understand the plot of this suite, and for some reason I don’t strive for it. Perhaps his lyrics still lack some necessary element. At least we know that the audience did not relate favorably to his stories told during the hall performances.
Collins reduced Genesis fiction to love songs, which he always suffered. Even if he wrote on other topics, it became immediately clear: this “Alice in Wonderland” does not compose. I wrote a song about Niro, and thanks for that. But left to himself, he will quickly begin to write lyrics at the level there must be some misunderstanding.
But what happened on the albums of 1975-78 – neither in a fairy tale to say nor to describe with a pen. Each song was equivalent to a good fantastic story for all ages, from teenage to older. While Collins mastered, Tony, Mike and Steve created a number of masterpieces that deserve a chic album edition with illustrations by various artists.
(By the way, whether their poetic merit is appreciated is another question. Their often mentioned hits – I Know What I Like, Follow You Follow Me, Mama – are by no means among the most successful in textual terms. Compare how often you have come across mentions. those songs that I will stop at.)
They made it easier for themselves to work. Genesis texts contain few rhymes, often not rhythmically verified, sometimes not very conveniently sung. But most of these shortcomings disappear when listening. Magic prevails. And magic was created.
Genesis’s most haunting song has been and remains A Trick of the Tail. This is a complete narrative, both fantastic and not quite fantastic, familiar and original. It contains a color scheme, a character with a delineated character, personality drama.

(The title is difficult to translate. For example, “tail trick” or “plot twist”.)
Gored with life in the Capital of Gold,
He left without telling anyone
Alone with his cherished dream
From the towers that from childhood he knew.
He walked the wide road away,
Hoping to find my own soul in the distance, to share my life with it – but no,
Creatures weird around in appearance.

They have no horns, they have no tail,
They do not know that we are near,
And in the existence of the Capital Zlata
And I doubt it really necessary, he shouted.

And cried when they led him to the cage
And the “beast speaking” wrote.
And repeatedly interrogated,
And fingers pushed into the ribs.
But soon bored them. Yes, the beast says he can be a freak
Ile publicity stunt.

But he knocked out the door of his cage and went out.
A creature grabbed the collar, shouted to him: “Won
Where your dream didn’t tell you,
My city stands eternal, wondrous, golden.
I take you there and prove the reality of a fairy tale,
And I will show others like me. ”

And so we went for the horned animal
Check out the crazy story.
He stopped at a strange hill.
And happily called us.
We together looked, and here – the golden spire flashed in the distance –
No, the sun in the eyes, that’s all.
But our beast disappeared, and we heard:
“Hello, friend, you are back home,”

Tony Banks mentioned that the song was written under the influence of Golding’s “Heirs.” Anyone who has read the novel will feel how different sensations remain from the book and from the song.
The second song fell in love, probably because of the lack of plot. But it has a character and his life story, filled with philosophy and poetry. If it is permissible to put it this way, here is the Genesis version of the Soldier of Fortune or the hero I’ll Follow the Sun. Yes, there are enough songs on this topic. But dzhenizisovskaya – unique.

Like the dust that settles nearby,
Must house I find.
Paths, pits, where I once spent the night,
Left all behind.
But I, I do not get tired of looking, because your call sounds.
And may my way be strange in the world,
What was once familiar to me
But you – away.

Earlier, the morning light stroked the pillow,
I promised a warm day.
And around sounded the song of life
From the sounds that matured in the night.
Now, I have lost everything now, and I will give you my soul,
And in what I believed before,
There is no point in the world of emptiness,
Only silence.

I’m not tired of looking, because it’s your call.
And may my way be strange in the world,
What was once familiar to me
I have lost everything now, and I will give you my soul,
And in what I believed before,
There is no point in the world of emptiness,
And you – away.

Just in case, I will explain that this is the song Afterglow.
Understanding Mike Razerford’s creativity matured the slowest. For a long time I thought his songs were boring and far less melodic than those of Tony Banks. But when some time passed, understanding came to me. The first one I liked was Your Own Special Way.

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